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The Role of Cardiac Pacing

atrial fibrillationAtrial conduction delay and triggering events, such as atrial premature beats (APBs), may predispose patients to the genesis of new-onset atrial fibrillation (AF) after cardiac surgery. A prolonged P-wave duration on the signal-averaged ECG (a measure of atrial conduction delay) is a predictor of post-coronary artery bypass graft AF. Likewise, APBs are more common in the minutes and hours preceding the onset of AF in cardiac surgery patients. These observations support the concept that reducing atrial conduction time and suppressing APBs with atrial pacing may decrease the incidence of AF after cardiac surgery.

Evidence Review and Recommendations

Evidence was compiled, reviewed, and graded, and recommendations were formulated as described in the “Methodological Approach” article in this supplement. It was found that a number of randomized controlled trials have investigated the utility of atrial pacing after cardiac surgery. Each utilized either atrial pacing at a moderate rate (ie, 90 to 100 beats/min) or an atrial overdrive pacing algorithm that was designed to pace the atrium slightly faster than the underlying sinus rhythm. In all cases, pacing was performed via epicardial wires that were placed at the time of cardiac surgery. Right atrial (RA) electrodes were most often placed on the high RA near the sinus node. Left atrial (LA) electrodes were usually placed on the posterior LA between the pulmonary veins or on the roof of the LA at the Bachman bundle. Patients received RA pacing only, LA pacing only, biatrial pacing (BAP), or no atrial pacing, depending on the study design. Patients also received backup epicardial ventricular pacing electrodes. Pacing was initiated within 24 h postoperatively and generally continued for 3 to 4 days.

Erectile Dysfunction and Postatitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction and PostatitisWhich doctor treats erectile dysfunction and prostatitis? The doctor which solves these male sexual problems is called an andrologist. Andrology is a section of medical science which deals with issues of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of male sexual diseases.

Many doctors consider the male prostate gland the second heart, because this body is responsible for normal functioning of the reproductive system. It should be noted that often such diseases occur suddenly. For many years, men may experience discomfort in the suprapubic and perineal areas, erectile dysfunction, but do not know that the cause of erectile dysfunction is prostatitis.

Prostatitis affects men of absolutely all age categories, even adolescents. More than half of cases occur at the age of 20 – 50, but the number of patients with prostatitis increases every year.

Erectile Dysfunction: Symptoms & Treatment

Erectile Dysfunction- Symptoms & TreatmentErectile dysfunction is a male disease that causes violation of potency. This disease is characterized by:

  • Complete absence of erection;
  • poor erection, insufficient for sexual intercourse;
  • inability to have a long sexual intercourse;
  • inability to complete a sexual act by ejaculation.

Erectile dysfunction is not a sentence. Modern medicine is very effective. All you need is to know how to cure erectile dysfunction. Besides, you need to know the symptoms of erectile dysfunction:

  • Absence of an erection;
  • absence of a long erection.

Everything you Should Know about Depression

I. General Information about Depression

Depression – a disease of our time. Studies worldwide show that depression, like cardiovascular diseases, is the most common disease of our time. This common disorder affects millions of people. According to Canadian Health&Care Mall researchers, it affects up to 20% of developed countries population.

Depression is a serious disease that dramatically reduces ability to work and brings suffering to both patient and his relatives. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of typical manifestations and consequences of depression, so many patients receive help, when their state becomes severe, and sometimes – they don’t. In almost all developed countries, health services are concerned about this situation and make efforts to promote information about depression and how to treat it.

depressionTypical Signs of Depression

Depression manifestations are very diverse and vary according to disease form. Here are the most common symptoms:

Emotional symptoms:

  • grief, sorrow, melancholy, depressed mood, despair;
  • anxiety, inner tension, expectation of troubles;
  • irritability;
  • sense of guilt, frequent self-blame;
  • self-dissatisfaction, decreased self-confidence, low self-esteem;
  • reduction or loss of ability to experience pleasure in previously enjoyable activities;
  • decreased interest to surroundings;
  • loss of ability to experience any feelings (in cases of severe depression);
  • depression is often associated with anxiety about health and fate of the loved ones, as well as fear to seem inadequate in public places.

Physiological symptoms:

  • sleep disorders (insomnia, drowsiness);
  • changes in appetite (overeating or loss of it);
  • bowel dysfunction (constipation);
  • decrease in sexual desire;
  • decreased energy, excessive fatigue under normal physical and mental load, weakness;
  • pain and different unpleasant sensations in the body (for example, heart, stomach, muscles).

Behavioral symptoms:

  • passiveness, difficulties with involving in task-oriented activity;
  • avoidance of contacts (solitary disposition nature, loss of interest to other people);
  • refusal of entertainment;
  • alcoholism and abuse of psychoactive substances, giving temporary relief.

Mental Symptoms:

  • difficulties with concentration;
  • difficulties with making decisions;
  • prevalence of gloomy, negative thoughts about oneself, life, the world in general;
  • gloomy, pessimistic vision of future with lack of perspectives, thoughts of meaninglessness of life;
  • thoughts of suicide (in severe cases of depression);
  • thoughts of own uselessness, insignificance, helplessness;
  • slowness of thought.

To make diagnosis «depression» it is necessary that some of these symptoms persisted for at least two weeks.

Depression Needs to be Treated

Depression is often perceived by both patients and others as signs of bad temper, laziness and selfishness, immorality or natural pessimism. Keep in mind that depression is not just a bad mood, but a disease, that requires intervention of professionals and is well curable. The earlier correct diagnosis is made and proper treatment is started, the better the chances for quick recovery are, that depression won’t appear again and become severe, accompanied by desire to commit suicide.

What usually prevents people from seeking help with depression?

Often people are afraid to see specialist in mental disorders because of suggested negative consequences:

  1. possible social restrictions (registration, prohibition to drive car and travel abroad);
  2. condemnation if someone finds out that a patient is treated by psychiatrist;
  3. fear of depression drug treatment negative impact, based on widely spread, but incorrect idea about dangers of psychotropic drugs.

Often, people do not have necessary information and proper understanding of their condition nature. They think that if their condition is caused by obvious difficulties in life, it is not a depression, but a normal human reaction, which will disappear on its own. Often it also happens that physiological depression signs contribute to forming beliefs about presence of serious somatic diseases. It is a reason to consult primary care doctor.

80% of depressed patients initially seek help from primary care doctor, but correct diagnosis is made to about 5% of them. Even fewer patients get adequate therapy. Unfortunately, during usual consultation in the clinic it is not always possible to distinguish between physiological manifestations of depression and presence of true somatic diseases, which leads to misdiagnosis. Patients are prescribed symptomatic therapy (medicines «for heart», «for stomach», «for headache»), but improvement does not occur. There are thoughts about difficult, unrecognized somatic disease, which according to vicious circle mechanism leads to depression worsening. Patients spend a lot of time undergoing clinical and laboratory tests, and, as a rule, get to psychiatrist already with severe, chronic depression manifestations.

II. Scientific Knowledge about Depression

Main Types of Depression

Depression frequently occurs on the background of stress or long-existing severe traumatic situations. Sometimes they occur for no apparent reason. Depression can be accompanied by somatic diseases (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, etc.). In such cases, it makes main somatic disease course severer and prognosis harder. However, with early depression detection and treatment there is a rapid improvement in mental and physical health.

Depression can occur as single, different in severity episodes or has a long-lasting course with repeated relapses.

At some patients depression is chronic – lasts for years without reaching significant severity degree.

Sometimes depression is limited mainly to physical symptoms without distinct emotional manifestations. At the same time clinical and laboratory tests can not detect any organic changes. In such cases, you need to consult a psychiatrist.


Canadian Health&Care Mall: Smoking

Human health is the most precious gift that must be maintained for life. Not all people think about how much damage smoking can bring to the health. Human dependence on this addiction is so great that even knowing how much harm it can cause to internal organs, smokers continue to poison themselves with cigarettes. Smoking is one of the most dangerous phenomena that people compare with drug addiction.

Recent Canadian Health&Care Mall statistics show that today in the world more than 300 million of people smoke. Among them more than 700 thousand are passive smokers. But the greatest danger smoking poses to children and female body.


Scary Facts about Smoking

Nicotine is recognized as one of the most dangerous plant poisons. Animal world representatives are killed as soon as their blood gets the smallest amount of nicotine. A rabbit can die from a quarter of a drop, a dog – from a half, a man – from a dose of 50 to 100 mg of nicotine (2 – 3 drops). One cigarette at average contains 8 mg of this poison, of which 4 mg get into blood.

A person who smokes is not dying for one reason – lethal dose is introduced gradually. Thanks contained in tobacco formaldehyde, nicotine is partially neutralized. If smoking history is about 35 years, it is more than 20 thousand of cigarettes consumed (about 200 kg of tobacco).

In addition, cigarettes have dangerous composition and detrimental effect on human body in general. Canadian Health&Care Mall scientists have counted more than 4 thousand of harmful components contained in cigarettes and accumulating in body. They include:

  • resins;
  • toxic gases;
  • nicotine;
  • arsenic;
  • hydrocyanic acid;
  • radioactive isotopes;
  • hydrogen cyanide and many others.

For example, resin which consists of harmful carcinogens can cause cancer. Toxic gases poison the body from the inside, they inhibit hemoglobin ability to carry oxygen the body needs. Hydrogen cyanide affects bronchial cilia that perform anti-infectious function that contributes to throat and bronchial diseases development. Smokers with history are more likely to suffer from such diseases as lung cancer, ischemic heart disease, chronic bronchitis. About 30% of smokers die prematurely.

Facts about smoking dangers suggest that people who smoke are much more likely to suffer from myocardial infarction, gastric ulcer. This category often observes brain, liver, reproductive system, bladder and blood vessels disorders.

Nicotine affects pancreas, causing metabolic disorders. Such symptom as hiccups indicates that inflammatory process has begun in gastrointestinal system. In addition, smokers are endangering not only themselves but also others. Passive smokers after being in smoke-filled room receive a large dose of nicotine. Some scholars argue that in some cases it may be much greater than at smokers.

Harmful Effects of Smoking for Men

The majority of boys do not want to know how harmful smoking for men is. About how nicotine affects potency, reproductive function and overall sexual life in general, men start to think only when this mechanism, especially in young males, fails to function. The very first sign is occasional erectile dysfunction, which contributes to emergence of such diseases as heart attack or blood stroke. Systemic smoking leads in most cases to cardiac pathologies that directly affect potency.


Tobacco addiction at men causes atherosclerotic plaques appearance on blood vessels and vascular genitalia walls. This leads to blood flow reduction and as a consequence, to decrease in sex hormones production. In future, this leads to reduction in secretory discharge amount, and as the result – decrease of sexual desire (libido). According to statistics, more than 120 thousand of men aged from 30 to 50 years suffer from impotence as a result of excessive smoking. And only a small part of them wants to give up smoking, relating their problems to this habit.

Nicotine has a vasoconstrictor effect, which adversely affects full blood flow to penis. Potency condition at men depends on smoked cigarettes per day, and smoking history. The saddest result is that due to failures in the sexual life, families fall apart. Even if, having realized the whole tragedy of the situation, a man quits smoking, there is still a surprise. Sometimes even complete smoking cessation is not a quick way restore erectile function. To normalize their sexual function men have to go to urologist. Young men are much luckier, having quit smoking, they can even do without medical intervention.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Antidepressants

The pharmacy can be full with antidepressants selling without a prescription to help relieving:

  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • normalize sleep.

These drugs perform as mediators exchange in brain (serotonin and norepinephrine).

The antidepressant drugs effect is achieved due to stimulating effect on the human psyche. Therapeutic activity means depends on the mechanism of action and pathology degree.

What Kind of Antidepressants can be Bought without Prescription

You cannot buy strong antidepressants via ordinary drug stores because they have many serious side effects. But th majority of antidepressants may be bought via online pharmacy – Canadian Health&Care Mall moreover with 10 – % discount. The procedure of ordering with discount coupon is described on our website. Here is a list of the various groups of antidepressants, which can be found in the free market.

antidepressants pillsMaprotiline (Ladiomil)
It refers to the number of tetracyclic antidepressants. It improves mood, stabilizes psychomotor retardation, eliminates anxiety and apathy. The drug should not be used if you have:

  • kidney disease;
  • hepatic dysfunction;
  • pregnancy.

Prozac of Canadian Health&Care Mall
It is a representative of the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It is popular enough with outpatient physicians. This mean effectively treats menstrual disorders, eliminates the panic and anxiety, removes the intrusive thoughts. After its application the person becomes balanced, adequate.
Zyban (Nosmok, Wellbutrin)
It is used most often to relieve the effects of quitting smoking, and drug abuse. It improves performance and mood.
It has a similar effect of tricyclic antidepressants group. It is used as an antidepressant and anti anxiety agents. There are the following advantages:

  • no effect on other psychomotor functions of the heart activity;
  • used for heart work correction.

There are the following indications:

  • various kinds of phobias;
  • depression;
  • stressful situations.

It is safe drug which improves performance and mood. It includes St. John’s wort.
It consists of herbal ingredients (lemon balm, valerian, peppermint). It is an effective anti-anxiety drugs.
It has a sedating effect. It consists of: hawthorn, St. John’s wort, elderberry, lemon balm, guaifenesin, hops, passionflower. It relieves headaches, tension and anxiety, relieves at menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

herbal antidepressants

Herbal Antidepressants without a Doctor’s Prescription

Effective herbal non-prescription antidepressants at the pharmacy are sold in great quantities. They are able to cope quite effectively with anxiety and depressive states occurring on the background of stress and emotions.

Infusions of lemongrass, Maral root, Rhodiola rosea, Helichrysum ease fatigue. They should be taken 150 grams before meals.

Rhaponticum carthamoides extract based on alcohol increases efficiency and promotes human psychomotor functions.

Ginseng tincture exhibits potent immunostimulatory properties. It increases the body’s resistance to stress at one and the same time treating depression. A side effect when using it is sensitive to the sun. Do not go to the solarium, if you are taking ginseng tincture.

Goji improves sleep and activates operative system.

Red clover, blue honeysuckle, oregano and motherwort extracts help treat depression.

Oregano, chamomile, fennel and caraway seeds are used in traditional medicine to relieve seasonal depression symptoms.
Valerian, peppermint, hops are effective vegetable antidepressants.
Hawthorn has a calming effect

Calendula effectively relieves stress and fatigue.

Precautionary Measures

A large number of people have mental problems. Unfortunately, a person constantly “crumble stress” at home, at work and even on holidadepressiony. Women usually prefer to overcome anxiety and depression using medications, while men preferred to “kill the nerves inside.” In both cases, the solutions are not the right way out.

Do not avoid psychiatrist assistance. Believe me, antidepressants sufficient and proper assistance will not help if there is a causal factor that caused the pathology. Only after it is possible to try to eliminate medications. In other cases, the disease goes into chronic with periods of exacerbation and remission.

Medical statistics show that most people who buy antidepressants without prescription do not have mental problems. Internally, these patients pose setting to try to treat depression and made-up state.

If a doctor appointed antidepressants, strictly observe the time of their use and dosage. If you skip at least one portion of plant extracts, the desired effect will not be achieved. In relation to mental illness there is the likelihood of their re-emergence after a certain time. To eliminate this phenomenon antidepressants used even after the disappearance of disease’s clinical symptoms.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Methods to Overcome Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

More and more men are damaged by such a disorder as erectile dysfunction but the medicine doesn’t stand on one place working out and discovering new methods of this disorder treatment. Canadian Health and Care Mall is going to describe the methods to get rid of psychological erectile dysfunction.

The First Way – Get Rid of Stress

Alarm is one of the main responsible for ED appearance. If you find a way to reduce stress, you will be able to support an erection probably much better. Think right now what in your life is a source of the largest tension and concern. What can be thought up to give itself a break?

  • If your daily routine is occupied from morning to the evening, think how it is possible to arrange himself more free time.
  • Switch-off electronics at least before going to bed. You will better get enough sleep that is necessary for stress overcoming.
  • Spend more time outside. Fresh air and proximity of the nature are an excellent way to get rid of tension and alarm.

erectile dysfunction

The Second Way – Be Attentive to the Partner

If you notice that instead of living the moments of sexual life, you distract alarm and nervousness you need to accustom yourself completely to be in the present moment, to live it physically as well as mentally. Clear reason and concentrate on feelings which your body feels during sexual intercourse.
If sex became routine and doesn’t excite as earlier any more, add to it new aromas, textures and sounds. For example, use massage oil and turn on the music to adjust the partner on the necessary harmony. You may also take such preparations as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra ordered via Canadian Health and Care Mall to stimulate your sexual intercourse.

The Third Way – Talk with the Partner

Whether you feel comfortable when the speech comes about your sexual life. If you worry that your partner can have overestimated expectations, or some standards, support an erection is not easy – it is the alarm of action. If you have assumptions that the potential criticism from the partner can influence your ability to have sexual satisfaction, you should discuss your requirements and to find ways to make your sexual environment more seductive.

The Forth Way – Learn More about Sex

If your alarm or fault connected with sex has deep roots, these negative emotions just can cause dysfunction. Learn more how sex can be in the good way to learn to accept the body, and also how better to understand sexual needs of each other. Read about sexual technicians, or you descend on a master class in the positive relation to sex, open the reason for new opportunities and increase comfort degree in a bed.

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Mushrooms − Tasty as well as Useful for Man’s Force

Treatment of impotence folk remedies are used for a long time, long before the invention of various tablets for increase in man’s force. Traditional medicine is not only an excellent way of impotence prevention, but also the assistant at temporary problems in sexual life.
If you do not rely upon folk remedies to overcome erectile dysfunction you are welcome on Canadian Health and Care Mall, an online store selling and shipping drugs internationally. These remedies are capable to improve your sexual function.

Truffle is one of the most expensive delicacies in the world, it is appreciated more expensively than gold. The French kings and notable men in Western Europe included without fail in the diet mushrooms truffles. Except the tremendous specific smell and taste, they are valuable the fact that they raise a man’s erectile function. Possibly, this secret was known also to famous Casanova because he constantly used this delicacy.
Casanova used this delicacy to enhance erectile function because he did not know anything about Canadian Health and Care Mall with affordable Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. These medications are devoted to eliminate the root of erectile dysfunction.

mashrooms and ED

Not all men will afford truffles use as one kilogram costs not less than 800 dollars. Perhaps, it is worth paying attention to our domestic forest mushrooms?

The answer to this question is unambiguous: our forest gifts of the nature concede nothing on the useful properties to exotic overseas delicacies. The habitual and familiar mushrooms growing in a large number in the woods – excellent means for impotence increase.

Collect white, birch mushrooms, morels, honey agarics, eat them, and to you no impotence will be terrible. Treatment by means of mushrooms promotes increase in man’s force as they contain a set of minerals in the structure. At the same time it isn’t important at all in what form you will use them. Recipes of preparation set: from dried mushrooms it is possible to cook soup, to bake pies, marinated mushrooms will approach potato. And it is tasty, and it is useful!

Viagra Professional of Canadian Health&Care Mall in Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Viagra Professional:

  • 1 pill – 100 mg of sildenafil;
  • duration of the effect – 7-8 hours;
  • onset of action – 15-20 min.

Viagra Professional is one more modification of a well-known preparation of erectile dysfunction treatment – Viagra. If you face the decrease in sexual activity, you are anxious about the problems with erectile function, or are afraid to carry out the sexual intercourse because of fear to flop Viagra Professional is what you exactly need to improve you state.

Viagra producers magnify the onset of action to 15-20 minutes and duration of the effect is considered to be to 8 hours during which you will have the stable erection sufficient to conduct sexual intercourse and achieve satisfaction. Viagra Professional ordered via Canadian HealthCare Mall will return you the feelings of complete satisfaction and powerness.

Viagra Professional

Viagra Professional works by PDE-5 inhibitor blocking thanks to what enough blood, for providing a strong erection comes to carvenous body. The recommended preparation dose is 100 mg (1 tablet). Viagra Professional is taken in 15 – 20 minutes prior to sexual intercourse. The tablet is swallowed entirely and washed down with a small amount of water. Use of Viagra Professional more than 100 mg a day (1 tablet) isn’t allowed.

It isn’t recommended to apply Viagra Professional at the use of alcoholic drinks. The use of greasy food before preparation application can delay the beginning of its action, but won’t exert impact on preparation efficiency. After Viagra Professional reception, the erection comes only at the actual existence of sexual excitement. And the last, Viagra Professional doesn’t influence production and composition of sperm.

Canadian HealthCare Mall points out that Viagra Professional is suitable preparation as well as usual Viagra for the majority of males worldwide because it is composed on the basis of the same main component – sildenafil. If you have problems with erectile function you are welcome on our website to place an order and receive the parcel at the stated time spans.

You may become feel satisfied while carrying out sexual intercourses because Viagra Professional is exact preparation devoted to revive the sexual life of every man. It is also directed to grant satisfaction for the male’s partner. We are waiting for your orders and are ready to answer all the questions.

Canadian Health&Care Mall about Women’s Sexual Excitement

Sexual excitement depends on many reasons, and often have double character: physiological and psychological aspect. The healthy female organism reacts to excitement by slight increase of body temperature, pulse increase, release of greasing in vagina. And though mechanical stimulation of clitoris can seem to the man sufficient (the organism has responded to caress) – the woman can be not ready to sex emotionally. Sustain your emotional health on the level with the help of Canadian Health and Care Mall’s medications.

The psychological unwillingness to make love is caused by chronic fatigue, stress, the internal conflicts. Attentive partners understand it and try to prepare the woman: to create the corresponding atmosphere, to pay attention to prelude. And it works stronger than any activators! But if the woman was tired to death and the only thing of what she wants – to sleep, then give her such a chance.

Any woman knowing that the partner respects her will feel in safety, will be able to relax and completely to be given to process. But if she doesn’t feel sexual, is afraid to show an initiative, hesitates to tell that to be pleasant to her in a bed then about any sexual harmony of the speech can’t be.

sexual excitement

In What Cases Do Exciting Preparations Apply?

1. “I want her, and she …”. Immoral men seek to satisfy only the sexual requirements at the expense of the woman. They aren’t concerned by her readiness to make love and consequences of activators’ use. On the Internet there is a huge number of posts in which such types discuss: “what to pour to the girl that she has conceded”. Unfortunately, similar preparations exist. Doctors call them tablets for rape. They have narcotic effect, influence on the woman is slowing down: the girl can even not realize what is done with her.

The majority of such cases remains unpunished as on a body of the victim there is no rape trace left, and the woman doesn’t address to militia, being afraid to be mocked.

2. “To mutual pleasure – full speed”. Partners seek to find an exciting preparation which will make sex fantastic. Sex shops and online stores selling stimulators including Canadian Health and Care Mall offer the wide range of doubtful tablets, ointments, tinctures.
The majority of greasings can be individually intolerable and instead of libido increase, cause a burning sensation in vagina. About what pleasure can there be talking about when the woman only also thinks, as if to wash away it somewhat quicker?

Be not conducted at all on attempt to sell you lethal means – “blister-beetle” (the horse activator). For the person it is the purest poison which, really, proves strongly destroying an organism.