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Canadian HealthCare Mall: Bacteriophage

BacteriophageToday Canadian HealthCare Mall decides to tell you some interesting information about bacteriophage. Bacteriophage or phage is viruses which selectively damage bacterial cells. Frequently they reproduce inside the bacteria and destroy them. Bacteriophage consists of protein coat and genetic material namely nucleic acid. Its size is 20-200 nanometer. Typical phage has head and tail, which is taller the head considerably.

The history of bacteriophage appearance is very interesting. In 1896 English bacteriologist – Ernest Hankin discovered that water in the Ganges and Jumna, rivers in India, possess the antibacterial activity suggested that this water contains the some substance which stops the distribution of cholera epidemic. The first emergence of bacterium anthracis destruction was observed by Russian microbiologist N. Gamaleya in 1898. but the name bacteriophage was given by Félix d’Hérelle. Later Félix d’Hérelle described the case of successful dysenteria treatment with bacteriaphage usage proving they provided sick person recovery subsequently helping to build up immunity. It drew a lot of attention to bacteriaphage who tried to find out the effective source in fight with dangerous infectious diseases.

Where may you meet bacteriaphage? Bacteriaphage is the most numerous and most wide spread and maybe the most ancient viruses group. They found out for the majority of bacteria, pathogenic as well as saprophile. In nature bacteriaphage is met where there is sensitive for them bacteria: in intestinal canal of animals and humans, ground, water, in plants.

How do bacteriaphage act? As it was mentioned above bacteriaphage is generally specific, each strain selectively damages some strains of bacteria. Bacteriaphage attaches to the receptor areas of bacteria surface. After such an invasion the bacteria damages. And new bacteriaphage appears. Such notions will occur till all the bacteria disappears.

Today at any bacterial infection the doctor will prescribe you antibiotics and they are standard treatment. However we know that antibiotics aren’t harmless. Yes, they destroys pathogenic microflora, but at the same time destroy also useful microorganisms. Besides, antibiotics have a set of side effects influencing all organs. One more their shortcoming is the strict scheme of reception. It is necessary to accept antibiotics in certain time, and it is necessary to complete all course surely. Such antibiotics you may find on Canadian HealthCare Mall a pharmaceutical company carrying out its activity in the Internet. Bacteriophages, viruses killing bacteria, are ideal antibacterial means. They affect only the microorganism, have no side effects, at their use it isn’t obligatory to observe the scheme of treatment strictly. For this reason today bacteriophages again came into the view of scientists. Bacteriophages are used as well in genetic engineering.