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Everything you Should Know about Depression

I. General Information about Depression

Depression – a disease of our time. Studies worldwide show that depression, like cardiovascular diseases, is the most common disease of our time. This common disorder affects millions of people. According to Canadian Health&Care Mall researchers, it affects up to 20% of developed countries population.

Depression is a serious disease that dramatically reduces ability to work and brings suffering to both patient and his relatives. Unfortunately, very few people are aware of typical manifestations and consequences of depression, so many patients receive help, when their state becomes severe, and sometimes – they don’t. In almost all developed countries, health services are concerned about this situation and make efforts to promote information about depression and how to treat it.

depressionTypical Signs of Depression

Depression manifestations are very diverse and vary according to disease form. Here are the most common symptoms:

Emotional symptoms:

  • grief, sorrow, melancholy, depressed mood, despair;
  • anxiety, inner tension, expectation of troubles;
  • irritability;
  • sense of guilt, frequent self-blame;
  • self-dissatisfaction, decreased self-confidence, low self-esteem;
  • reduction or loss of ability to experience pleasure in previously enjoyable activities;
  • decreased interest to surroundings;
  • loss of ability to experience any feelings (in cases of severe depression);
  • depression is often associated with anxiety about health and fate of the loved ones, as well as fear to seem inadequate in public places.

Physiological symptoms:

  • sleep disorders (insomnia, drowsiness);
  • changes in appetite (overeating or loss of it);
  • bowel dysfunction (constipation);
  • decrease in sexual desire;
  • decreased energy, excessive fatigue under normal physical and mental load, weakness;
  • pain and different unpleasant sensations in the body (for example, heart, stomach, muscles).

Behavioral symptoms:

  • passiveness, difficulties with involving in task-oriented activity;
  • avoidance of contacts (solitary disposition nature, loss of interest to other people);
  • refusal of entertainment;
  • alcoholism and abuse of psychoactive substances, giving temporary relief.

Mental Symptoms:

  • difficulties with concentration;
  • difficulties with making decisions;
  • prevalence of gloomy, negative thoughts about oneself, life, the world in general;
  • gloomy, pessimistic vision of future with lack of perspectives, thoughts of meaninglessness of life;
  • thoughts of suicide (in severe cases of depression);
  • thoughts of own uselessness, insignificance, helplessness;
  • slowness of thought.

To make diagnosis «depression» it is necessary that some of these symptoms persisted for at least two weeks.

Depression Needs to be Treated

Depression is often perceived by both patients and others as signs of bad temper, laziness and selfishness, immorality or natural pessimism. Keep in mind that depression is not just a bad mood, but a disease, that requires intervention of professionals and is well curable. The earlier correct diagnosis is made and proper treatment is started, the better the chances for quick recovery are, that depression won’t appear again and become severe, accompanied by desire to commit suicide.

What usually prevents people from seeking help with depression?

Often people are afraid to see specialist in mental disorders because of suggested negative consequences:

  1. possible social restrictions (registration, prohibition to drive car and travel abroad);
  2. condemnation if someone finds out that a patient is treated by psychiatrist;
  3. fear of depression drug treatment negative impact, based on widely spread, but incorrect idea about dangers of psychotropic drugs.

Often, people do not have necessary information and proper understanding of their condition nature. They think that if their condition is caused by obvious difficulties in life, it is not a depression, but a normal human reaction, which will disappear on its own. Often it also happens that physiological depression signs contribute to forming beliefs about presence of serious somatic diseases. It is a reason to consult primary care doctor.

80% of depressed patients initially seek help from primary care doctor, but correct diagnosis is made to about 5% of them. Even fewer patients get adequate therapy. Unfortunately, during usual consultation in the clinic it is not always possible to distinguish between physiological manifestations of depression and presence of true somatic diseases, which leads to misdiagnosis. Patients are prescribed symptomatic therapy (medicines «for heart», «for stomach», «for headache»), but improvement does not occur. There are thoughts about difficult, unrecognized somatic disease, which according to vicious circle mechanism leads to depression worsening. Patients spend a lot of time undergoing clinical and laboratory tests, and, as a rule, get to psychiatrist already with severe, chronic depression manifestations.

II. Scientific Knowledge about Depression

Main Types of Depression

Depression frequently occurs on the background of stress or long-existing severe traumatic situations. Sometimes they occur for no apparent reason. Depression can be accompanied by somatic diseases (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, endocrine, etc.). In such cases, it makes main somatic disease course severer and prognosis harder. However, with early depression detection and treatment there is a rapid improvement in mental and physical health.

Depression can occur as single, different in severity episodes or has a long-lasting course with repeated relapses.

At some patients depression is chronic – lasts for years without reaching significant severity degree.

Sometimes depression is limited mainly to physical symptoms without distinct emotional manifestations. At the same time clinical and laboratory tests can not detect any organic changes. In such cases, you need to consult a psychiatrist.


Canadian Health&Care Mall: Antidepressants

The pharmacy can be full with antidepressants selling without a prescription to help relieving:

  • anxiety;
  • depression;
  • normalize sleep.

These drugs perform as mediators exchange in brain (serotonin and norepinephrine).

The antidepressant drugs effect is achieved due to stimulating effect on the human psyche. Therapeutic activity means depends on the mechanism of action and pathology degree.

What Kind of Antidepressants can be Bought without Prescription

You cannot buy strong antidepressants via ordinary drug stores because they have many serious side effects. But th majority of antidepressants may be bought via online pharmacy – Canadian Health&Care Mall moreover with 10 – % discount. The procedure of ordering with discount coupon is described on our website. Here is a list of the various groups of antidepressants, which can be found in the free market.

antidepressants pillsMaprotiline (Ladiomil)
It refers to the number of tetracyclic antidepressants. It improves mood, stabilizes psychomotor retardation, eliminates anxiety and apathy. The drug should not be used if you have:

  • kidney disease;
  • hepatic dysfunction;
  • pregnancy.

Prozac of Canadian Health&Care Mall
It is a representative of the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI). It is popular enough with outpatient physicians. This mean effectively treats menstrual disorders, eliminates the panic and anxiety, removes the intrusive thoughts. After its application the person becomes balanced, adequate.
Zyban (Nosmok, Wellbutrin)
It is used most often to relieve the effects of quitting smoking, and drug abuse. It improves performance and mood.
It has a similar effect of tricyclic antidepressants group. It is used as an antidepressant and anti anxiety agents. There are the following advantages:

  • no effect on other psychomotor functions of the heart activity;
  • used for heart work correction.

There are the following indications:

  • various kinds of phobias;
  • depression;
  • stressful situations.

It is safe drug which improves performance and mood. It includes St. John’s wort.
It consists of herbal ingredients (lemon balm, valerian, peppermint). It is an effective anti-anxiety drugs.
It has a sedating effect. It consists of: hawthorn, St. John’s wort, elderberry, lemon balm, guaifenesin, hops, passionflower. It relieves headaches, tension and anxiety, relieves at menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

herbal antidepressants

Herbal Antidepressants without a Doctor’s Prescription

Effective herbal non-prescription antidepressants at the pharmacy are sold in great quantities. They are able to cope quite effectively with anxiety and depressive states occurring on the background of stress and emotions.

Infusions of lemongrass, Maral root, Rhodiola rosea, Helichrysum ease fatigue. They should be taken 150 grams before meals.

Rhaponticum carthamoides extract based on alcohol increases efficiency and promotes human psychomotor functions.

Ginseng tincture exhibits potent immunostimulatory properties. It increases the body’s resistance to stress at one and the same time treating depression. A side effect when using it is sensitive to the sun. Do not go to the solarium, if you are taking ginseng tincture.

Goji improves sleep and activates operative system.

Red clover, blue honeysuckle, oregano and motherwort extracts help treat depression.

Oregano, chamomile, fennel and caraway seeds are used in traditional medicine to relieve seasonal depression symptoms.
Valerian, peppermint, hops are effective vegetable antidepressants.
Hawthorn has a calming effect

Calendula effectively relieves stress and fatigue.

Precautionary Measures

A large number of people have mental problems. Unfortunately, a person constantly “crumble stress” at home, at work and even on holidadepressiony. Women usually prefer to overcome anxiety and depression using medications, while men preferred to “kill the nerves inside.” In both cases, the solutions are not the right way out.

Do not avoid psychiatrist assistance. Believe me, antidepressants sufficient and proper assistance will not help if there is a causal factor that caused the pathology. Only after it is possible to try to eliminate medications. In other cases, the disease goes into chronic with periods of exacerbation and remission.

Medical statistics show that most people who buy antidepressants without prescription do not have mental problems. Internally, these patients pose setting to try to treat depression and made-up state.

If a doctor appointed antidepressants, strictly observe the time of their use and dosage. If you skip at least one portion of plant extracts, the desired effect will not be achieved. In relation to mental illness there is the likelihood of their re-emergence after a certain time. To eliminate this phenomenon antidepressants used even after the disappearance of disease’s clinical symptoms.