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Erectile Dysfunction and Postatitis: Causes, Symptoms & Treatments

Erectile Dysfunction and PostatitisWhich doctor treats erectile dysfunction and prostatitis? The doctor which solves these male sexual problems is called an andrologist. Andrology is a section of medical science which deals with issues of etiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of male sexual diseases.

Many doctors consider the male prostate gland the second heart, because this body is responsible for normal functioning of the reproductive system. It should be noted that often such diseases occur suddenly. For many years, men may experience discomfort in the suprapubic and perineal areas, erectile dysfunction, but do not know that the cause of erectile dysfunction is prostatitis.

Prostatitis affects men of absolutely all age categories, even adolescents. More than half of cases occur at the age of 20 – 50, but the number of patients with prostatitis increases every year.

The main prostatitis risk factors:

  • Promiscuous sexual intercourse with many partners;
  • Excessive use of alcohol and antibacterial drugs;
  • Sedentary way of life;
  • Depression;
  • Chronic stress.

Causes of erectile dysfunction an prostatitis

ED and Prostatitis CAUSESUsually, andrologists distinguish two types of prostatitis:

  1. Prostatitis caused by some infectious agents, viral, bacterial or fungal nature. Infectious prostatitis, as a rule, is triggered by such factors as reduced general immunity, violated hormonal and nervous system, infectious agents in the body, which provoke the development of the inflammatory process. This type of prostatitis occurs in men who have poor general health and are prone to chronic stress.
  2. Prostatitis associated with prolonged stagnation of venous blood and secretion in the prostate gland. This occurs due to violation of the regular rhythm of sexual life, in men whose work involves frequent and prolonged sitting in one position. In addition, this type of prostatitis is triggered by wearing of tight underwear, squeezing the male genital organs, and excessive alcohol consumption.

The development of inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland is also triggered by climatic conditions.

Often, prostatitis occurs in men living in regions with high humidity and low ambient temperatures. Excessive cooling of the prostate gland weakens immunity and contributes to development pathogenic microorganisms.

Warning signs of prostate problems

Prostatitis symptoms are quite different. Common prostatitis symptoms include weakness and fatigue, sleep disorder, bad mood and reduced working efficiency. Local signs of prostate problems include pain during urinating, inflammation of the prostate. The disorder of hormonal regulation leads to loss of sexual desire, reduced sexual activity. All this causes stagnation in the prostate gland. Besides, prostatitis can cause infertility.

Treatment of prostatitis & ED treatments available

prostatitis treatment

  1. Prostatitis therapy include antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic drugs, PDE5 inhibitors, selective blockers, etc.;
  2. Erectile and prostate problems home remedies, such as pumpkin seeds. These seeds contain zinc, which treats the disease;
  3. Another good remedy for prostatitis and erectile dysfunction is ginger and herbs: parsley, propolis, celandine, hemlock;
  4. There is a special set of exercises for prostatitis and erectile dysfunction. See more erectile dysfunction treatment options.