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I have a couple of questions

I have a couple of questions. In terms of the modified broad match that you were just talking about, if I’ve got a couple of keywords split into really tight groups where I’ve got broad match, phrase match, and exact match, do you recommend adding that to that group or to a larger themed group when we do a modified broad match? Does that make sense? To answer that I’d want to see what kind of ads you wrote.

It was something that Sunny helped me out with, just picking a few out and creating a group and labeling it ”tight,” and then creating a group where I was using a lot more stuff, and I do it based sort of on themes. In my tight group — I’m in the auto transport industry — a keyword phrase that’s been working is just ship a car. So in ”tight” I’ve got ship a car broad match, ship a car phrase match, and ship a car exact match. Would you recommend throwing in the modified broad match into that ad group, or putting it….

Yeah, that’s a tight ad group. Absolutely. In fact, you may conclude over time that you’re better off moving the broad match out and just leaving the modified broad match there in its place. Again, that all depends on what kinds of ads you’ve written to match it.

I just want to throw in too, I was playing around with my conversion settings and I saw that feature yesterday and I had selected that. And since yesterday my conversion rate took off and my cost of conversion plummeted, so I’m hopeful and excited about that new feature as well. We’ll see if it was a fluke or whether it was science.

I had one other question to touch on something we had talked about”

Before you ask that question, can I ask you a question? What you described just now — were you running Conversion Optimizer and then you noticed Google’s new rotation feature?

Yeah, I’m doing Conversion Optimizer and I had been doing it based on cost per action, and everything kind of started to go up, so last week I changed it back to manual bidding and started to move some stuff around, and then made the adjustment to go back to cost per action, and that’s when I saw the link that said, ”Do you want to show your ad…”

And also when you do one you can’t do the speeded up thing in terms of when they show. You know much more about this than I do. I’m a complete novice, but I changed back to cost per action and I saw that one that said, ”Do you want us to show the ad more likely to get conversions first?” and I thought, ”Yeah, duh,” and I did change that. When I checked last night on my conversions for the day, myjaw just fell to the floor on what I got. So I’m hopeful that that’s going to be a good feature for me. I don’t know, it could have just been a fluke and we just had a good day. In general, my bias is always in favor of being one of the more expensive people in your market and justifying the purchase based on value rather than justifying on price. If price is always the justification, you’re always on a slippery slope.

If I were you what I would do is I would look for better ways to package and deliver and explain what you sell, so you can justify a price increase independently of inflation. I don’t know if that helps you.