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Human health is the most precious gift that must be maintained for life. Not all people think about how much damage smoking can bring to the health. Human dependence on this addiction is so great that even knowing how much harm it can cause to internal organs, smokers continue to poison themselves with cigarettes. Smoking is one of the most dangerous phenomena that people compare with drug addiction.

Recent Canadian Health&Care Mall statistics show that today in the world more than 300 million of people smoke. Among them more than 700 thousand are passive smokers. But the greatest danger smoking poses to children and female body.


Scary Facts about Smoking

Nicotine is recognized as one of the most dangerous plant poisons. Animal world representatives are killed as soon as their blood gets the smallest amount of nicotine. A rabbit can die from a quarter of a drop, a dog – from a half, a man – from a dose of 50 to 100 mg of nicotine (2 – 3 drops). One cigarette at average contains 8 mg of this poison, of which 4 mg get into blood.

A person who smokes is not dying for one reason – lethal dose is introduced gradually. Thanks contained in tobacco formaldehyde, nicotine is partially neutralized. If smoking history is about 35 years, it is more than 20 thousand of cigarettes consumed (about 200 kg of tobacco).

In addition, cigarettes have dangerous composition and detrimental effect on human body in general. Canadian Health&Care Mall scientists have counted more than 4 thousand of harmful components contained in cigarettes and accumulating in body. They include:

  • resins;
  • toxic gases;
  • nicotine;
  • arsenic;
  • hydrocyanic acid;
  • radioactive isotopes;
  • hydrogen cyanide and many others.

For example, resin which consists of harmful carcinogens can cause cancer. Toxic gases poison the body from the inside, they inhibit hemoglobin ability to carry oxygen the body needs. Hydrogen cyanide affects bronchial cilia that perform anti-infectious function that contributes to throat and bronchial diseases development. Smokers with history are more likely to suffer from such diseases as lung cancer, ischemic heart disease, chronic bronchitis. About 30% of smokers die prematurely.

Facts about smoking dangers suggest that people who smoke are much more likely to suffer from myocardial infarction, gastric ulcer. This category often observes brain, liver, reproductive system, bladder and blood vessels disorders.

Nicotine affects pancreas, causing metabolic disorders. Such symptom as hiccups indicates that inflammatory process has begun in gastrointestinal system. In addition, smokers are endangering not only themselves but also others. Passive smokers after being in smoke-filled room receive a large dose of nicotine. Some scholars argue that in some cases it may be much greater than at smokers.

Harmful Effects of Smoking for Men

The majority of boys do not want to know how harmful smoking for men is. About how nicotine affects potency, reproductive function and overall sexual life in general, men start to think only when this mechanism, especially in young males, fails to function. The very first sign is occasional erectile dysfunction, which contributes to emergence of such diseases as heart attack or blood stroke. Systemic smoking leads in most cases to cardiac pathologies that directly affect potency.


Tobacco addiction at men causes atherosclerotic plaques appearance on blood vessels and vascular genitalia walls. This leads to blood flow reduction and as a consequence, to decrease in sex hormones production. In future, this leads to reduction in secretory discharge amount, and as the result – decrease of sexual desire (libido). According to statistics, more than 120 thousand of men aged from 30 to 50 years suffer from impotence as a result of excessive smoking. And only a small part of them wants to give up smoking, relating their problems to this habit.

Nicotine has a vasoconstrictor effect, which adversely affects full blood flow to penis. Potency condition at men depends on smoked cigarettes per day, and smoking history. The saddest result is that due to failures in the sexual life, families fall apart. Even if, having realized the whole tragedy of the situation, a man quits smoking, there is still a surprise. Sometimes even complete smoking cessation is not a quick way restore erectile function. To normalize their sexual function men have to go to urologist. Young men are much luckier, having quit smoking, they can even do without medical intervention.

Harmful Effects of Smoking for Women

Especially harmful smoking is for women and young girls. Delicate women’s health is very vulnerable to nicotine influence. Women are more likely to suffer from many diseases than men, despite a high rate of survival. According to Canadian Health&Care Mall specialists, this chance is given to them by nature due to the fact that they are bearers of humankind.

A big problem for women-smokers, especially young girls, is to reduced possibility to conceiving and carrying healthy baby. Harm of smoking for women, who smoke for more than one year, may mean that risk of infertility is directly proportional to the number of cigarettes smoked.

Cigarette composition contains substances that have negative effect on egg condition and its activity. High-quality sperm cannot fertilize it. There are cases when this happens, though fertilized egg is not able to develop normally and dies at the first stages of its existence. The longer a woman smokes, the less active eggs she will have at conception.

In addition, smokers with history can obtain such pathology as fallopian tubes obstruction.

Nicotinic toxins can disrupt fallopian tubes mucosa, they damage epithelium cilia, and as a result this leads to the fact that the fertilized egg cannot penetrate into uterine cavity, attach to its wall and begin to develop. It begins to break down, leading to ectopic pregnancy and infertility.

If a young woman still managed to successfully get pregnant, then there is a high probability of the risk that she will give birth to unhealthy children. This may not necessarily be expressed in external defects or any pathology. Babies born to smoking mothers are more likely prone to colds, they have weak immune system.


Harm of smoking during pregnancy is clearly visible. Organism of a smoking woman is filled with toxins, while carrying a child she has to spend energy to fight with them. In addition, smokers during pregnancy suffer from dyspnea, legs swelling more often than others, which indicates poor kidneys and lungs performance. If a woman smokes during gestation, it can threaten with the fact that a child will suffer from seizures.

Among smoking women spontaneous abortions occur two times more often than among non-smokers. The reason is that nicotine reduces blood vessels lumen, thereby preventing blood cells from carrying oxygen to placenta and purifying it from toxins. Oxygen starvation can cause miscarriage. As a result of placental pathology a woman may lose a lot of blood during labor, which in some cases ends with mother and child’s death.

Women, who want to have healthy children and not risk their lives, must make a choice, what they prefer: momentary pleasure or joy of motherhood. To give birth to a healthy baby a woman should quit smoking a year and a half before conception.

In addition, female smokers have unhealthy, sallow complexion, early wrinkles. Often yellowing teeth are associated with smoking, which prevents communication with other people. Oxygen starvation gives its results – faster aging skin, damaged skin tone, decreased blood vessels elasticity. Unpleasant smell of tobacco is one of the most common problems.

Harmful Effects of Smoking for Children

The fact that smoking is harmful to children for many years is a social problem, as child psychologists say. But the worst damages, according to Canadian Health&Care Mall this addiction brings to their health:

  • children staying in smoke-filled rooms are more likely to suffer from respiratory diseases;
  • nicotine deprives child’s body of vitamin C, which affects immunity decrease, required for growth and development;
  • tobacco smoke affects metabolic processes in growing organism, impairs glucose assimilation;
  • child’s physical activity indicators are reduced;
  • children of smoking parents are more likely to suffer from anemia, digestive system disorders. As passive smokers, they absorb no less nicotine than those who smoke around them. This affects their mental development.

Teenage smoking is very dangerous. Harm of smoking at this age threatens with poor school performance, impaired mental and physical development. Smoking schoolchildren almost never can realize themselves either at school or in future. Besides, smoking contributes to early tooth enamel destruction. Very early this category of students acquires problems with lungs, exhausting cough is characteristic for them.

Not rare are cases of tachycardia and frequent blood pressure drops can lead to vascular dystonia at early age. Smoking can cause hearing, smell and eyesight impairment.

Much attention at this stage of children development adults should pay to preventive conversations about dangers of smoking. Themed nights on this subject with physician, who will report on smoking and its consequences, will be more useful than calling parents to school. The best educational aspect can become positive examples of parents who must first get rid of this addiction themselves.


How to Quit Smoking?

There are many ways to quit smoking. You can find special cigarettes, pills, nicotine patches. Most people prefer traditional remedies to combat smoking, which in some cases can replace any anti-nicotine agent.

  • To get rid of smoking forever, there is a proven way. You need to rub five peeled lemons with a wooden spoon with honey in a clockwise direction. Take the mixture twice a day. After the means is out, prepare a new dose.
  • Grapefruit is an excellent product that helps to get rid of smoking because of its cleansing properties. Treatment is based on its juice benefits, which is taken in 150 ml three times a day for several weeks.
  • One tbsp of eucalyptus is poured with 500 ml of boiling water. Infuse it for an hour. Add 1 tbsp of honey and glycerin. Every day, seven times a day take a quarter of a cup of this means.
  • Snake weed root helps to get rid of smoking. Ten grams of this plant should be poured with boiling water and infused; rinse your mouth if you want to smoke.
  • As soon as you feel desire to smoke, you need to put a slice of dried pineapple in your mouth and eat it, long chewing.
  • Some people find acupuncture helpful, during which physician-reflexologist works with hot spots responsible for nicotine reflex. But acupuncture is not always a panacea for smoking. Everything depends on desire, willpower and mind.

How Many Times have you Tried to Quit Smoking?

You have decided to quit smoking. This decision is completely correct, even if you are still not completely sure. Why?

  • You do not have to worry that there are no cigarettes for the morning.
  • Clothes, skin and hair does not smell smoke.
  • Nice complexion, not gray.
  • No dyspnea at the slightest physical exercise.
  • Significant savings of time and money.